Farmer Pro Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile (Android) – Syncing popup does not vanish after resuming app during background sync
    • It was reported that if the mobile app was opened while the background sync was running, the app would sometimes lock up
    • Fix: This has been corrected and the app no longer freezes during launch
  • Online – Edit Display Work Order – Save button is missing
    • Edit PIQ Display Work Order would not allow the user to save any changes to the Work Order unless they went to the last tab to find the save button. The save button would normally be available in each of the tabs
    • Fix: This has been corrected and the save button is now available on each of the tabs
  • Online – Crop Planner – Text Search Function Logic
    • The Crop Rotation Planner page had an issue where if a filter was applied to the search, and you then navigated to a different client account, the filter for the search would not reset.
    • Fix: This has been corrected and the filter will now reset when switching to a different client account.
  • Online – Improper Unit Calculations for Seed Inventory
    • Seeding application rates were reported to be inconsistent between the new Field Manager page and the old Field Manager page.
    • Fix: Seeding rates now match between both the old and new Field Manager pages.
  • Online – Creating RTX kg/ha changes to lbs/ac
    • When creating an RTX file in Farmer Pro and using metric units, the units would revert to imperial when generating the file. It was found that it was hard coded to have lbs/ac for dry products, and gal/ac for liquid products.
    • Fix: This has been corrected and the units will now reflect the user settings for the org, and the rates in the file will stay consistent with the rates on the “generate Rx file” page.
  • Online – Blank operators hours on Equipment Activity
    • There was an issue reported where some tasks would come back with blank operator hours. You would be unable to verify the task until the blank operator was removed.
    • Fix: It was discovered that tasks would come back with blank operator hours if the operator used had been disabled. You would have to re-enable the operator, remove from the task, and then disable again. This has been corrected to list the operator on the task correctly, even if the operator had since been disabled.