Farmer Pro Release Notes

December 2020

Enhancement Summary

  • Mobile (Android and iOS) – Add Zone option for Soil Sampling
    • Added additional functionality to the mobile app that allows you to do soil sampling based on zones instead of grids

For additional information regarding this feature enhancement, please see this link to the Youtube video detailing this workflow:

  • Mobile (Android and iOS) – Enable Saving of Work Orders for Users With WO View Only Access
    • We have added additional functionality to the mobile app which allows users that have “view only” access to Work Orders to update the status of the Work Order and save. Previously, they could change the status from “in progress” to “done” but the save icon was locked due to the user having “view only” access to the Work Order, which meant the Work Order would stay “in progress”. Now they can update the status of the Work Order and save successfully.
  • Online – Add Text Search to filter field list in Crop Rotation Planner
    • We have added additional functionality to the Crop Rotation Planner page which allows you to do a text search for specific field names, rather than scrolling through the list of fields. For example, you could enter ‘ac’ which would filter the list to include ‘Back’, ‘Acre’, etc.

  • Online – Allow Users to define timezone and unit system when creating a new client
    • For Advisor Prime users, we have added additional functionality for when you are creating a new client account. Now, the Advisor can set the timezone for the account, as well as the unit system (Imperial or Metric) that the account will be using. The Advisor can also edit this information after saving if they desire

  • Online – Set custom Crop Productivity Index season in Workbench> preferences
    • We have added additional functionality under our Workbench> preferences tab which allows you to set a custom start and end date for for your CPI seasons. This functionality was added to facilitate standard crop seasons outside of North America

  • Mobile (Android and iOS) – Turn on Perennial Crop Functionality
    • We have added additional functionality to the mobile app which allows you to set a perennial crop for the field under the edit field page. We also added the ability to set which year in the cycle the field is currently in. For example, you can select that this is the 3rd year of this perennial crop cycle for this field.


Bug Fixes

  • Online – VR Work Order Changing Total Quantity
    • When creating a variable rate Work Order, the total quantity on the Prescription page was not consistent with the total quantity on the Material Summary page.
    • Fix: The total quantity for a variable rate Work Order is now consistent on both the Prescription page and the Material Summary page
  • Online – Field Acreage Sum is Wrong
    • There was a slight inconsistency in the field acreage when comparing the field manager page vs. the “jump to field” window where you search for a field. The acreage in field manager was the correct acreage.
    • Fix: Field acreage matches on both the field manager page and the “jump to field” page
  • Online – Trimble Ag Support – Grower – Standard – Expense Entry
    • There was an issue revolving around updating multiple “expenses/other revenues” fields at one time. When updating the cost or the description and saving, the changes would not save correctly.
    • Fix: This has been resolved and you can update the “other expenses” entries without any issues
  • Online – Field Scouter print error
    • Error message was intermittently showing up when trying to print out a field scouting report under analytics
    • Fix: You can now successfully print a field scouting report with no problems
  • Online – Differences in Crop Production Cost and Financial Summary
    • There were some slight inconsistencies when looking at the total expenses per acre between the Financial Summary page and the Crop Production Costs page
    • Fix: This has been corrected and the total expenses are consistent between both pages
  • Online – Removing a Rx from a Work Order Prevents Being Able to Save
    • When the user created a Work Order, added a Rx file to the Work Order, then removed the Rx file and decided it will be flat rate, you are unable to save the Work Order
    • Fix: This has been corrected so you can save the Work Order even after removing an Rx file from it
  • Online – Group Work Order Fails to add Tank Mix Material
    • When creating a group Work Order containing multiple fields, and you add a tank mix to that Work Order, the tank mix failed to show up under the materials tab
    • Fix: This has been corrected so there are no issues with a tank mix showing up on the materials tab even if its a group Work Order
  • Mobile (Android and iOS) – Optimize sync for Landmarks table in mobile
    • It was reported that when you had landmarks created for a field, and synced those landmarks to mobile, the sync was taking longer than expected which slowed down the time it took to get the landmarks to show on mobile successfully
    • Fix: This has been corrected and the landmarks now sync in the normal expected time and show as a layer successfully
  • Online – Expand check for harvest vehicle type
    • In our Yield Cleaning functionality, it was reported that it would not clean the yield if the task was tied to any type of vehicle other than a Combine. 
    • Fix: As some crops will be harvested with vehicle types other than Combines, we have updated the list to allow yield cleaning on tasks tied with any of the following vehicles:
    • Combine
    • Cotton Harvester
    • Forage Harvester
    • Grape Harvester
    • Sugarcane Harvester

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