Farmer Core Release Notes

The Trimble® Connected Farm® solution provides the tools to better plan and execute field work, as well as collect and leverage valuable data from farm operations. This powerful functionality helps the end user get the most out of their precision farming investment — and is what sets Trimble Ag’s in-field solutions apart. The Farmer Core web-based software suite is the cornerstone of the Trimble Connected Farm. These release notes provide information about Farmer Core software updates available as of June 10, 2020. These updates apply to the web, Trimble Ag Mobile app, AutoSync Service app, and features within Precision-IQ. The minimum Precision-IQ firmware versions to access these enhancements are v6.50/v2.50/v1.50.

Enhancement Summary

The items below represent major feature enhancements.

AutoSync Service App on the Precision-IQ Display

  • The AutoSync communication engine on the Precision-IQ display that was previously called Trimble Ag Mobile has been refactored and is now called AutoSync Service. Trimble Ag Mobile is now only available on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). 
  • AutoSync Service App has been optimized to reduce display memory consumption, improve user experience, and increase reliability. 

AutoSync Setup

  • The new simplified AutoSync setup process doesn’t require the user to set permissions in an app on the Precision-IQ display.

Trimble Precision-IQ Display Work Orders

  • The user can now create and edit Trimble Precision-IQ Display Work Orders in Trimble Ag Mobile to remotely set up tasks on the display (available early July 2020).
  • In Trimble Ag Mobile, users can email multiple Work Orders as a group. 

AutoSync Materials

  • On the web platform, AutoSync users will be notified if they have Materials for use with Precision-IQ Displays that have incomplete Controller settings.
  • AutoSync users with Operator Permission set to Full Access can now edit material controller settings in Precision-IQ Displays while AutoSync is enabled. When that information is edited the minimum and maximum rate information for the material will AutoSync between connected devices. Default rates and increment information will not AutoSync as they are local to the tasks being executed on that display. All controller details created or edited on the web will AutoSync to connected displays.
  • When viewing multi-channel tasks on the web, users will now see the rate information labelled by product control channel number (available early July 2020).

Crop Planning

  • New Crop Rotation Planning Tool lets users plan multiple crop years with options for multiple crops per year and split fields .

Management Zone Creation in Trimble Ag Mobile

  • Create and edit management zones in Trimble Ag Mobile by driving around an area of your field or manually drawing them.

Auto Asset Detection Solution

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) beacon implement details are now part of AutoSync and are shared to the web and all connected devices.

Language Support

  • The Hungarian language is now part of the languages supported in Farmer Core. Other currently supported translations have also been improved.  

Customer Support

  • Online tutorials are now available in Farmer Core for Enabling AutoSync, using Materials with AutoSync, and learning to use Farmer Core.

Bugs fixed

Notable bugs resolved in the latest release.

AutoSync issues resolved

  • Precision-IQ runs extremely slow and may crash during the initial sync.
  • Precision-IQ display crashes while running AutoSync.
  • Processing conflicts in Precision-IQ result in user interface not responding.

Work Orders issues resolved

  • Precision-IQ “Return to Run Screen” icon not showing up when in a Work Order.
  • In Precision-IQ the previous Work Order was not highlighted in the home screen when a user paused or completed a Work Order.
  • Precision-IQ Work Order status slow to update.
  • Precision-IQ crash when closing Display Work Order.
  • UI not responding when creating or editing a multi-field Work Order in Firefox or Edge web browsers.

OfficeSync issues resolved 

  • File upload failures with FmX Plus.

Web issues resolved 

  • Error when un-retiring multiple fields.
  • Cyrillic characters not working in Operator QR Codes.