Farmer Core Release Notes – August 2021

These release notes provide information about Farmer Core software updates available as of 11 August, 2021. These updates apply to the web, Trimble Ag Mobile app, AutoSync Service app, and features within Precision-IQ. The minimum display firmware version to access these enhancements on Precision-IQ displays is v.

Enhancement Summary

The items below represent major feature enhancements.

  • As part of a security upgrade Trimble Ag Software has a new login screen


  • Added ability to send prescriptions to Variodoc devices through the AGCO API

Work Orders

  • Can now view Task Summary Details from the Work Order
  • Show Zone Name in addition to Zone ID when using prescriptions with Work Orders
  • Prescriptions retain the same colors that were in the Management Zone set used to create the prescription

Data Management

  • Alignment to John Deere API authentication updates (2021)
  • Free Form Guidance Lines are supported in cloud (from FmX/CFX-750 displays)
  • Search dialog added to Tank Mix, Vehicle, and Implement Screens
  • Organization Admins can transfer devices between Orgs they are a member of
  • Allow Resource Export if Retired Vehicles & Implements have Active Profiles
  • Ability to bulk retire landmarks
  • Ability to filter landmarks list and map view

Record Keeping

  • Task data from multiple Precision-IQ displays or a combination of Precision-IQ and FmX displays in the same field performing the same task are merged together to produce a single application map.
  • Can now edit tasks and save verification for later or edit and mark verified to create an actual. When tasks are edited and not verified users will now see a visual lock indicator to show that editing a task does not allow more data to populate the task.


  • Added ability to sync from additional screens
  • Fleet now shows 24 hour view of vehicle history/li>
  • Crop list now translated in supported languages
  • Work Orders now support fertilizer in Spraying Work Orders/li>
  • Work Orders now support chemicals in Spreading Work Orders
  • User can attach photos to work orders and actual task details

Bugs Fixed

Notable bugs resolved in the latest release.

AutoSync issuesresolved

  • TMX-2050 V6.60.xx, V11., and V11. not syncing tasks to the cloud (resolved through AutoSync Service App update)

Work Order issues resolved

  • Zone map not loading when importing a shapefile prescription

Web/mobile issues resolved

  • Include mention of GFX-350 relative to being able to use Work Orders and AutoSync with these devices
  • Equipment Activity tasks duplicated when editing
  • Bulk Proof of Placement report not showing the correct time stamp
  • Bulk Proof of Placement report not showing 2-byte characters
  • Farm Map not displaying 2-byte characters
  • File upload failing when folder names contain 2-byte characters
  • Prescription map not loading when importing a shapefile prescription
  • Asset groups displayed incorrectly in prescription send dialogue
  • Unable to create prescriptions for materials with a gas form
  • Unable to create tank mixes that contain fertilizer and lime products
  • Unable to save task edits when tank mix is present

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