Farmer Core Release Notes

These release notes provide information about Farmer Core software updates available as of 3 March 2021. These updates apply to the web, Trimble Ag Mobile app, AutoSync Service app, and features within Precision-IQ. The minimum display firmware versions to access these enhancements on Precision-IQ displays in v11.00.

Enhancement Summary

The items below represent major feature enhancements.


  • Performance increased for syncing
  • Improved reliability of syncing


  • Prescription import to Farmer Core and automatically sending the prescription to a Trimble Display is now available using our 3rd Party APIs
  • Added Work Orders support for prescriptions that were either uploaded from Shapefile, imported via API, or created from zones

Work Orders

  • Field picker dialogue includes a new search option
  • Work Orders now track the work order creator

Data Transfer

  • File Processing now includes helpful information when a file fails to process

Data Management

  • Guidance Lines can now be retired and unretired
  • Landmarks can now be retired and unretired

Record Keeping

  • Added support for additional Vehicle manufacturers

Language Support

  • Crops list is now translated in mobile
  • Added CIS currency support in web and mobile

Bugs Fixed

Notable bugs resolved in the latest release.

AutoSync issues resolved

  • In Precision-IQ the “Preparing to Sync” dialog could get stuck on screen if the web account had no resources
  • In Precision-IQ the Autosync “Importing” dialog could get stuck on screen during the initial sync

Work Order issues resolved

  • Tank mix ingredients were getting saved incorrectly in Work Orders
  • Tank mix target rate was not displaying in Work Order material edit mode

Web/mobile issues resolved

  • Activity Export Download button was missing in some languages
  • Error saving Prescriptions created from zones with singulated seed materials resolved
  • Chemical PHI was not appearing on Proof of Placement Report

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