Farmer Core

These release notes provide information about Farmer Core software updates available as of November 18, 2020. These updates apply to the web, Trimble Ag Mobile app, AutoSync Service app, and features within Precision-IQ. The minimum display firmware versions to access these enhancements are:

  • TMX-2050™ display: v6.60
  • GFX-750™ display: v2.60
  • GFX-350™ display: v1.60
  • FmX™ display: v2.60
  • CFX-750™ display: v1.60

Enhancement Summary

The items below represent major feature enhancements.


  • AutoSync™ sync speed is several times faster than in prior versions.
  • When turning AutoSync on, users receive a confirmation that all required actions to enable AutoSync have been met. The user is then notified of the estimated time to sync and are asked if they want to continue. If they select yes the screen is locked until the sync is completed.
  • Duplicate data detection and resolution for fields, guidance, landmarks, and materials has been enhanced, which results in improved automated data management at the organizational level.


  • Users can wirelessly send prescriptions to connected displays with Farmer Core. These prescriptions can be created from management zones in Farmer Core, imported via Shapefile, or transferred via API.
  • Prescription materials supported now include seed, fertilizer, lime, chemicals, and tank mixes.

Data Transfer

  • Users can now download Precision-IQ as-applied task logs from Farmer Core in the industry standard shapefile format (embedded in the AgGPS directory structure).

Record Keeping

  • Farmer Core users are now able to add manual task records in Farmer Core. This feature was previously only available in Farmer Pro.
  • Users can now bulk create Proof of Placement reports for download or printing.
  • Users can now see the specific material when viewing the Applied Rate and Target Rate layers in Equipment Activity.

Language Support

  • Currently supported translations have also been updated.

Bugs Fixed

Notable bugs resolved in the latest release.

AutoSync issues resolved

  • Token authorization issue that was causing data syncing failures is resolved
  • Fixed issue with web unnecessarily updating timestamps for received fields that was causing unnecessary data syncing.

Work Order issues resolved

  • Work Orders were not shown when user created multiple crops for a field in a single year.
  • Some Work Orders not shown when using Cyrillic.

Web/mobile issues resolved

  • Added VRA Rx Support for all material types on Work Orders
  • Created a Remove Account function in AutoSync Service App to erase AutoSync settings and history on the display so the user can restart AutoSync.
  • Material Max Rate set equal to Default Rate for Fertilizer
  • Improved ability to process display data, which speeds up syncing of resources