Desktop Updates (v2017.06)

  • Send Planned Sampling Jobs to Trimble Ag Mobile App You can now create a planned soil sampling job within the desktop software and tag it to be synchronized to Trimble Ag Online (Farmer Pro).  Once synchronized, the target points for that field will appear on the Trimble Ag Mobile app so that the targets can be used for soil sampling.
  • Field Sort for Crop Summary Report When printing the Crop Summary Report, it can now be sorted by field.
  • Enhancements to Planned Jobs Added an option within the Jobs tab to show Completed Planned Jobs. This makes it possible to edit or delete a planned job that was subsequently completed. In addition, the Planned Job Report now includes an option to see completed plans in the report (previously they were never included).
  • Support for Reading Benchmarks, Paths and Polygons from Mobile App   When using the Trimble Ag Mobile app, logged map data (benchmarks, paths and/or polygons) can now flow to the desktop software. It’s also possible to send points, paths and/or polygons to Trimble Ag Mobile to use as a background map.
  • Improvements to Landlord Tank Mixes   If applying a tank mix to a field that is set up for sharecropping, the Tank Mix Ingredients button will now show the total of each ingredient along with the landlord’s share of each ingredient.
  • Reduced the Number of Linker Boxes   Changed the processing of the Inbox for ISOXML data (including Trimble Yield data) to reduce the number of linker boxes.
  • Resolved Issue with Harvested Crop Inventory When Importing Yield Data   If accounting is enabled and you read in yield data, harvested crop inventories will sometimes not get updated. This has now been fixed.  To fix previous entries, go to the Jobs tab and select all harvest jobs, right-click and select  Properties then click OK.