Farmer Basic/Desktop Release Notes

Farmer Basic/Desktop

CNH – Added support for reading CNH seedbed quality sensor.
CNH – Added support for reading CNH Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) yield information.

Accounting – Payroll Withholding Tax Tables updated for 2020 tax year.

Main window – Added buttons to the main window to hide the left and bottom panels for maximum map display size.
CNH – Added support for CNH Field and Multi-Swath Guidance lines in new ISOXML file format.
CNH – Added support for new CNH proprietary planter data.
CNH – Added support for new CN1 file changes.
CNH – Added support for reading and writing CNH guidance group types.
CNH – Added support for writing multi-swath lines.
CNH – Added support for reading session fuel totals.
ISOXML – Added support for wet and dry capacity attributes in commodity units per hour.
Accounting – Added support for Recurring Transactions to Accounting. Recurring transactions automatically prompt the user to record a recurrence of a transaction on the correct day, based on the user’s settings.
Accounting – Added support for entering zero for Accrued Time in payroll.
Job Report – Added option to print completed or planned jobs with only the summary page.
WM Subsurface – Added pipe sizes for 65, 113, and 145 mm.

Map Booklet Printing – Added support for printing with the default legend. Also added the option to print the map’s Coverage View.
Loup – Added support for reading Loup Elite planting and yield files.
CNH Guidance – Added support for reading “auto-guidance engaged” maps and totals.
CNH Tillage – Added support for reading CNH tillage jobs and maps. Also added support for reading and creating variable tillage prescription maps.
CN1 Soil Command – Added support for reading CN1 Soil Command applied maps.
AGCO RoGator – Added support for reading AGCO RoGator data.

Trimble ISOXML import – Added option to have log totals accumulate as a running total.