Desktop Updates (v2018)

  • Updated  Support for Trimble TMX-2050 Precision-IQ — When using the Precision-IQ™ app on a Trimble® TMX-2050™ display, the software now utilizes an updated driver that supports the reading and writing of resources, jobs/tasks, VRA maps, guidance lines and landmarks.
  • Added Support for Trimble GFX-750 Display — Support for reading and writing data files for the new Trimble GFX-750™ display.
  • Support for John Deere GS4 Data — Support for reading and writing data files for the John Deere GS4 display.
  • Updated Support for Ag Leader Data Files — Additional support for reading Ag Leader *.agdata files and writing out AgLeader *.agsetup files. This update is required due to the recent firmware changes to the Ag Leader displays.
  • Improvements to CNH Bale Data — Updated support for CNH large square baler data.
  • Auto Verify Jobs/Tasks from Desktop — When uploading jobs/tasks to the online platform, these are now automatically verified. This allows you to see the data within the online portal in areas such as Field Manager (including cost data), calendar, Trimble Ag Mobile app. (Requires Farmer Pro/Pro Plus license)
  • Resolved Browsing Issue with Windows 10 — Resolved issue when some Windows 10 computers (primarily Surface tablets) browsed for files, such as reading data and the software did not display the information correctly.
  • Create Planned Soil Sampling Job from Background Layer — Added support for utilizing a previously imported soil sampling job/task from a prior year (usually from a third-party via shapefile) and converting it to a planned job/task for use on the Trimble Ag Mobile app. These previously imported soil sampling jobs are located within the Background Layers. (Requires Farmer Pro/Pro Plus license)
  • Update for ISOXML (AGCO) Yield Data — Resolved issue where some ISOXML yield data would not get the correct job totals. Also added support for showing section views of the data so you can see where different rows of the combine were not harvesting.
  • Added Support for Using Drainage Layers with Pipe Name in the Trimble Ag Mobile App — Added support for syncing drainage lines for use with the Trimble Ag Mobile app.  To do this, copy lines from a Drainage Layer and paste them to the Field Path Layer under the same field.  Select to use the “Pipe” which will use the Pipe Name as the attribute that will be displayed with each line on the Trimble Ag Mobile app. (Requires Farmer Pro/Pro Plus license)
  • 1099 & W-2 Updates for Electronic Submission — Updates for electronic submission of 2017 W-2/W-3, 1099-Misc and 1099- Int. (Requires Advanced Desktop Accounting add-on)
  • 1099 & W-2 Updates for Printing — Updates for printing 2017 W-2/W-3 and 1099-Misc forms. (Requires Advanced Desktop Accounting add-on)
  • Added Support for Nelco Checks — Added support for printing Nelco check styles #L1737 and #L1736.
  • Updates to Scale Tickets — When setting up user defined fields for scale tickets, you can now have up to 3 numeric fields and 3 text fields for each scale ticket. The Scale Ticket Report will include all of this information.
  • Timesheet Updates — Improvements to the timesheet so if someone works past midnight, you can now enter a stopping time of 12:00 AM and on the next day start at 12:01 AM. Prior versions did not allow you to have a stopping time of midnight.

Trimble Ag Software desktop customers who are subscribed to the Annual Maintenance Plan will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates” located under the Help menu. Another option is to download the installer.