Desktop Updates (v2018.04)

  • Linking Contacts from the Web to Desktop —  When synchronizing data from web to desktop, you now have the ability to link contacts from the website to an existing person in the desktop.
  • Added Support for Additional Pipe Sizes (WM-Subsurface) —  Two new dual wall pipe sizes (225 mm and 9 in) are now available when creating a new section line with WM-Subsurface software.
  • Changing Material in Layer Properties —  We have added the ability to open Layer Properties and change the material associated with an application rate on a coverage map. This makes it possible to correct a mistake when a display operator uses the wrong material. If the rate is for a seed, you can refresh your variety map so it reflects the new seed variety.
  • Updated Precision Planting (FODD) —  We have updated the Precision Planting Data driver (FODD) for Precision Planting ‘SmartFirmer’ data as well as sidedress (liquid-only) data.

Trimble Ag Software desktop customers who are subscribed to the Annual Maintenance Plan will automatically receive these features by selecting ‘Check for Updates’ located under the Help menu. Another option is to download the installer.