Advisor Prime Updates

  • Support Variable Rate Seed and Lime Prescriptions — Similar to fertility prescriptions, variable rate seed and lime prescriptions can be built manually or from customized formulas and auto-applied based on the crops and customers.
  • Batch Export Prescriptions — You can now batch export prescriptions to a number of display and shapefile formats including those from Trimble, CNH, John Deere, Raven, AgLeader, and ISOXML no 3rd party conversion necessary.
  • Custom Naming of Prescription Shapefiles — Users can configure prescription shapefile names to exactly what their customers need. This eliminates the need to rename files after they are exported.
  • New UAV Imagery Upload — Added support for uploading UAV imagery for management zones. UAV data can be used in conjunction with other datasets in creating management zones that address nutrient deficiencies. 
  • Now Processing 2018 Crop Productivity Index — For new Crop Productivity Index orders we are now processing 2018 so users can now use the in-field crop variability from the most recent crop season in management zone creation and prescription calculations.