Desktop Updates (v2019.01)

  • Support for John Deere GS3 and GS4 Guidance Lines — Added support for reading and writing out John Deere guidance lines via USB. This includes AB lines, curves, and pivots. Warning: Due to potential variations between manufacturers guidance systems, guidance line repeatability and position accuracy may degrade as field work occurs further away from the master AB line.
  • New Guidance Line Syncing — Added support for synchronizing guidance lines between web and desktop.
  • New Landmark Syncing —Added support for syncing Landmarks ( Feature Lines, Points and Areas) between desktop and web.
  • Updates to Resource Upload to Web — You can now select what resources (Clients, Farms, Fields and Inputs) you want to upload to the web.
  • New Option for Fertilizer Report — When printing a Fertilizer Report there is now an option to ‘Show Totals Only’. This allows you to generate a list of total nutrients applied to each field without seeing all the details.
  • Updated Write Job Data for Trimble GFX and TMX Displays — Write Job data for the Trimble GFX-750™ and TMX-2050™ displays has been changed so it is tied to the software you are running on the displays.  If you wish to write data for use on the FMX+ app, you can select the ‘FMX/FMX+’ option to create an AgGPS folder. Or select the ‘Precision IQ’ option to create an AgData folder.

Trimble Ag Software desktop customers who are subscribed to the Annual Maintenance Plan will automatically receive these features by selecting ‘Check for Updates’ located under the Help menu. Another option is to download the installer from How-to Central.