Farmer Pro Release Notes

Enhancement Summary Add support for Egyptian Pound Add Egyptian Pound (EGP) currency mapping from online so that this unit will appear in mobile Display number of Pallets in Bin Transaction screen Bin transaction screen on the mobile app now gives you the ability to enter the number of pallets on the setup/edit screen Add new […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes

August 2020 Enhancement Summary Mobile (Android and iOS)  – Visualize Documents in mobile app  (version 4.8 or higher) Customers can upload any type of document (pdf, xls, doc…etc) in the online platform in Farm > Documents and organize it by folder, field, type or year. A “document” tile is now available in the TAS Mobile […]

Farmer Core Release Notes

The Trimble® Connected Farm® solution provides the tools to better plan and execute field work, as well as collect and leverage valuable data from farm operations. This powerful functionality helps the end user get the most out of their precision farming investment — and is what sets Trimble Ag’s in-field solutions apart. The Farmer Core […]

Online Updates

  19.4 – 01/13/2020 Released Display Work Orders for remote task set-up on Precision-IQ Displays  With Display Work Orders can attach a prescription that is sent to the display Added ability to view Auto Asset Detection Beacons in Trimble Ag Software 19.3 – 10/7/2019 New crop year wizard launched to make starting a crop year […]

App Updates (v4.3.2)

Trimble Ag Mobile v4.3.2 – 2/27/2020 Farm Map Performance improvements v4.3 – 2/7/2020 Search for materials in Inputs list v4.0 – 12/18/2019 Precision-IQ Work Orders available to view in Farmer Core v3.7 – 12/20/2019 View Imagery or Coverage map when creating a new path or polygon v3.6 – 12/4/2019 Ability to Email Work Orders View […]

Farmer Basic/Desktop Release Notes

Farmer Basic/Desktop v.2020.02 Features CNH – Added support for reading CNH seedbed quality sensor. CNH – Added support for reading CNH Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) yield information. v.2020.01 Features Accounting – Payroll Withholding Tax Tables updated for 2020 tax year. v.2019.03 Features Main window – Added buttons to the main window to hide the left and […]

Online Updates

New Field Manager  — An all-new interface for creating, viewing, and managing field records is now available. Various farm category tabs are available and easy to navigate, including an updated ‘Profitability’ tab that now includes expenses and revenue. Field records can also include operators and equipment with an expanded area for ‘Other Expenses’ where you […]

App Updates (v3.2.5)

Map Slider Bar — An all-new slider bar has been added to assist navigation between field details and coverage maps. Bug Fixes

App Updates (v3.2)

Coverage Map Tab (Farmer Core) — Coverage data uploaded via USB or transferred via AutoSync now appears on the mobile app. This helps ensure accurate applications and to verify yield results in real-time from your mobile app. Default Attribute for Coverage Layers — Application coverage data defaults to the attribute ‘rate applied’ and yield data […]

Online Updates

Online Work Order Creation (Farmer Pro)  — You are now able to create work orders from the online platform (vs only the mobile app) that includes materials, people, and equipment — allowing workers to access these from a connected smartphone or tablet. Updated Support for Tank Mixes  — If you have an ingredient in a […]