App Updates (v3.2.5)

Map Slider Bar — An all-new slider bar has been added to assist navigation between field details and coverage maps. Bug Fixes

App Updates (v3.2)

Coverage Map Tab (Farmer Core) — Coverage data uploaded via USB or transferred via AutoSync now appears on the mobile app. This helps ensure accurate applications and to verify yield results in real-time from your mobile app. Default Attribute for Coverage Layers — Application coverage data defaults to the attribute ‘rate applied’ and yield data […]

App Updates (v3.2.2)

Maintain zoom level when changing displayed layers Fixed retired seed varieties showing in work orders Other bug fixes

App Updates (v3.2.1)

Added ability to create Work Orders from Scouting jobs Material list is now in alphabetical order Changed the default view of coverage map layers when they are first opened Bug fixes and performance improvements

App Updates (v3.0)

Material Inventories — The current inventory balance of materials is shown when you select a material to use for a task. Improved Interface for Adding Inputs to Tasks — The user interface for recording tasks has been updated by relocating the Add button for Materials and Equipment. Chemical Tank Mixes — A new Tank Mix […]

App Updates (v2.9)

Field Activity Entry Enhancements — You will now experience a streamlined user interface that is consistent when entering records for seeding, fertility and crop protection. Updates to Inventory Balances — When applying products on fields, the inventory balance can be viewed on the product selection screen. This helps the operator see a running balance of inventory […]

App Updates (v2.7)

Updates to Path/Polygons  — Benchmark path / polygons now display the length and area. Updates to Boundaries  — View crop boundaries above field boundaries in map area Various Bug fixes New! Work Orders Feature  — Assign tasks to team members so that everyone is updated with the latest tasks for the day. Work orders can […]

App Updates (v2.6)

Improvements to performance and usability of map screens Record Benchmark polygons/lines in Drive mode Added option to issue description before submitting logs to support Display labels for Field Names and Zones on top of layers for easy identification

App Updates (v2.5)

Improved Map Performance — The displaying of boundary maps has been improved so that organizations with a large number of fields will display much faster when you click on the Map button. Metrics Measurement for Soil Sampling — Soil sampling now works in metrics unit of measure. Drone Imagery Support — Imagery from drone data can now be […]

App Updates (v2.2)

Ag Premium Weather Integration – New weather tile allows you to see a map of precipitation, temperature or growing degree days for your entire farm. The map makes it easy to quickly assess variability over your farm, which is particularly useful for tracking which fields received rain and which did not. This feature is only available in North […]