Farmer Pro Release Notes – October 2021

Feature Enhancements Create a Copy of a Work Order on Mobile We have added the ability in mobile to create a copy of an existing Work Order. This enhancement was added to support the use case of a customer wanting to repeat the same task multiple times without having to recreate the Work Order. Update […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes – September 2021

Bug Fixes Harvest Optimize loading time for Harvest Screen. Scouting Optimize loading time for Scouting Screen When accessing the map the map centers on the extent of farms and the user needs to press the Locate Me icon to center the map on the user’s current location. Farm Map Revise the farm map to Automatically […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes – August 2021

Enhancement Summary The items below represent major feature enhancements. As part of a security upgrade Trimble Ag Software has a new login screen Prescriptions Added ability to send prescriptions to Variodoc devices through the AGCO API Work Orders Can now view Task Summary Details from the Work Order Show Zone Name in addition to Zone […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes – July 2021

Enhancement Summary Online – Expand yield cleaning check for vehicle type to include “Harvester” When running yield cleaning in the system, a vehicle needs to be attached to the task to successfully run the yield clean. We have added to the allowed vehicle types to include “Harvester”. Below is the updated list of vehicles that […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes – June 2021

Enhancement Summary Online – Add ability for Org Admins to transfer devices to different organization We have added additional functionality to the devices tab which allows the org admin of the account to transfer devices to any other organization that they are a member of. The display connection doesn’t move with the transfer, so the […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes – April 2021

Enhancement Summary Mobile/Online – Multi Session Work Orders Enhancement We have added additional functionality to our Work Order feature which now allows operators to start and complete a Work Order in multiple sessions. You now have the ability to pause the Work Order whenever needed, and then re-start it when you are ready. Each time […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes

Enhancement Summary Mobile – (Android and iOS) – Increase Time Frame for Hourly Weather/Make Individual Days Collapsable When viewing weather at a field level on mobile, we have added additional functionality which allows you to view the field weather for 7 days out on an hourly basis. Under this same enhancement, we also added the […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes

Bug Fixes Mobile (Android) – Syncing popup does not vanish after resuming app during background sync It was reported that if the mobile app was opened while the background sync was running, the app would sometimes lock up Fix: This has been corrected and the app no longer freezes during launch Online – Edit Display […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes

December 2020 Enhancement Summary Mobile (Android and iOS) – Add Zone option for Soil Sampling Added additional functionality to the mobile app that allows you to do soil sampling based on zones instead of grids            For additional information regarding this feature enhancement, please see this link to the Youtube video […]

Farmer Pro Release Notes

Enhancement Summary Online – Add Clarification on the Harvest Data UI Added additional clarification on the harvest summary screen that “changes in this summary will not reflect in the Yield Map PDF. Use the clean yield function in equipment activity to run post-calibration.” Online – Ability to Transfer Equipment Task Data from One Org to […]