Desktop Updates (v2019.01)

Support for John Deere GS3 and GS4 Guidance Lines — Added support for reading and writing out John Deere guidance lines via USB. This includes AB lines, curves, and pivots. Warning: Due to potential variations between manufacturers guidance systems, guidance line repeatability and position accuracy may degrade as field work occurs further away from the […]

Desktop Updates (v2018.04)

Linking Contacts from the Web to Desktop —  When synchronizing data from web to desktop, you now have the ability to link contacts from the website to an existing person in the desktop. Added Support for Additional Pipe Sizes (WM-Subsurface) —  Two new dual wall pipe sizes (225 mm and 9 in) are now available […]

Desktop Updates (v2018.02)

Fixed Filter for Crop Planning Report — Resolved issue where the Client/Farm/Field and Crop Enterprise filters did not work for the Crop Planning Report. Added Delete Button for Scale Tickets — A delete button can be used to remove individual scale ticket loads. Support for Syncing Chemical Categories — Chemical types (Herbicide, Insecticide, etc.) will […]

Desktop Updates (v2018)

Updated  Support for Trimble TMX-2050 Precision-IQ — When using the Precision-IQ™ app on a Trimble® TMX-2050™ display, the software now utilizes an updated driver that supports the reading and writing of resources, jobs/tasks, VRA maps, guidance lines and landmarks. Added Support for Trimble GFX-750 Display — Support for reading and writing data files for the […]

Desktop Updates (v2017.06)

Send Planned Sampling Jobs to Trimble Ag Mobile App — You can now create a planned soil sampling job within the desktop software and tag it to be synchronized to Trimble Ag Online (Farmer Pro).  Once synchronized, the target points for that field will appear on the Trimble Ag Mobile app so that the targets […]

Desktop Updates (v2017.05)

Customization of Crop Years on Enterprise Statements – when printing field enterprise statements, you can now enter the number of crop years to appear on the crop rotation portion of the report. Additional Support for Ag Leader Planter/Sprayer Section Layouts – when importing *agdata files, the mapping software will create coverage views of the planter/sprayer layouts. Support […]

Desktop Updates (v2017.03)

New Task Syncing – You can now select Tasks (field records and maps) in the desktop software and upload them to the web solution. Updated Scale Ticket Report – Tickets that span multiple fields or regions show the ticket totals and not the totals for each field or region. Improvements to John Deere GS3 Data Support for […]

Desktop Updates (v2017.02)

Exporting to QuickBooks – When using the Advanced Desktop Accounting add-on, a new option is available for exporting to QuickBooks® desktop.  By selecting Accounting >General Ledger>Export Transactions you can export your accounting data to an Intuit Interchange File (IIF).  This functionality allows you to export account balances, transactions and details for use in QuickBooks and is ideal for sharing with accountants, […]