Precision Ag Adoption on the Rise

November 7, 2016

Recently released research results out of the agricultural economics department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has found that adoption rates among farmers of precision ag technologies is stronger than ever.

“With the availability of GPS and other technologies, growers can track yields, steer and control equipment, monitor field conditions and manage inputs at precise levels across a field – opening the door to substantial increases in productivity and profitability,” say the report’s authors, graduate research assistant Mike Castle, lead researcher, and extension assistant professor Bradley Lubben.

The study was based on a survey distributed to growers at Nebraska Extension events in 2015 (some events were focused on precision ag and technology, others on agronomy or specific crops).

According to the study, a strong majority – 70 percent – of respondents indicated that profits had increased due to the use of precision ag equipment, with 42 percent saying those profits were due to increased efficiency and lower input costs, and 58 percent attributing higher profits to increased production.

Further, nearly 95 percent said their investment in precision ag was worth it.

“There appear to be great opportunities to use precision agriculture technology and big agriculture data management to increase production and productivity, to improve management or operator performance, and even to consider on-farm experimentation for assessing inputs and production practices,” say the report’s authors.


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