When customers encounter a question about Trimble Ag Software, we are here to help. But sometimes there is a faster way to find the answer you’re looking for. This is why we’ve decided to start a new blog series called highlighting some of the common questions posed to our support team.

Q: What is Trimble Ag Software?

A: Trimble Ag Software combines the functionality of Agri-Data Solutions®, Connected Farm® and Farm Works Software® solutions into one powerful platform.

Trimble Ag Software can help you focus more on farming and less on data collection and management. It is one of the broadest desktop and cloud-based Farm Information Management Systems within agriculture. Trimble Ag Software offers extensive functionality in these areas of the farm:

• Operations management, with equipment-direct data transfer

• Agronomic tools, allowing coaches and advisors to use planning tools and field observations for yield improvements

• Farm accounting, giving farm owners and managers access to basic accounting tools to monitor day-to-day cash flow drivers

Trimble Ag Software can also shorten communication cycles among growers and their trusted advisors by eliminating pen and paper —and even email — by storing and sharing critical information using the mobile app.


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Q: What is new for me as a user?

A: It really depends on which legacy software you have been using. Trimble Ag Software is a much deeper tool as it combines the power of Agri-Data, Connected Farm, and Farm Works Software solutions:

• If you have been using Agri-Data Solutions you will notice more functionality related to equipment-direct data transfers, streamlined prescription and field boundary capabilities, as well as basic accounting functionality.

• If you have been using Connected Farm, you will have access to a deeper and broader set of agronomic tools used by professional farm coaches to help their grower clients, plus the mapping and basic accounting functionality of Farm Works.

• If you have been using Farm Works Software, you will be able to use more tractor-direct data transfer capabilities, new agronomic-based tools and a fully-functional mobile app.

Q: Will the information from Trimble displays and Farm Works Software solutions will be combined with information I enter into the Agri-Data Solutions?

A: Yes, that’s right! If you subscribe to the Farmer Pro or Pro Plus bundle you can manage farm records online and in the desktop software. The software remains in sync preventing costly and confusing double data entry.

Q: I have been using Agri-Data Solutions, Connected Farm, and/or Farm Works Software solutions for years. What is happening to my pricing and how soon do I need to transition?

A: Access to the new functionality of Trimble Ag Software starts on November 7, 2016. If you have multiple products with multiple expiration dates, all the expiration dates will shift to the last calendar date. You should receive an email that will explain the transition. Contact us at to learn more about pricing and options that work for you.

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