Introducing Hail Alerts from Trimble Ag Software

July 20, 2017

Think you are at the mercy of Mother Nature? Perhaps not with Trimble’s latest software feature. We are thrilled to announce the release of Hail Alerts. This new tool sends precise information about hail-damaged field areas right to a farmer’s inbox.

Hail storms can have a significant impact on crop yield, productivity, and resources. This time of year is stressful for farmers who closely watch radar reports and check – and double-check – their fields for damage. Large farms especially know just how much this uncertainty can drain valuable time and resources during a pivotal season.

Hail alerts point you in the right direction and save you a lot of miles, especially with the remote areas of a farm and fields being so spread out. You might not have easy access to the far end of a particular field, but if you knew that’s where hail hit, you’d go out and check rather than getting a surprise at harvest time.” – David Renkas, Agri-Coach in Saskatchewan

Hail Alerts take the guesswork out of these hail events. It automatically notifies farmers of precisely when and where their farmland was hit and the size of the hail. Rather than driving around for hours, diverting valuable resources, farmers now know exactly where to go — or know where to direct their crop scout, field agronomist or hail adjuster to go — to assess and investigate possible remedy treatments ASAP.

Farm Boundaries Hail Event Map
An automated email shows the precise size and location of a hail event, overlaid on the farm’s existing field boundaries.

Trimble strives to make farm management software easier and more powerful for our users. This latest software expansion serves as a powerful new tool for Ag Premium Weather users. The Ag Premium Weather upgrade is available for all Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro Plus customers in North America.

Don’t waste time guessing with Mother Nature. Read more about how Hail Alerts can help today.