When Butch Sinclair sat down to consider how his successful farm insurance company could respond to growing demand from current customers and a spike in requests for U.S. quotes, he soon recognized the need for some fresh ideas…

As the chief operating officer of Global Ag Risk Solutions, a Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan-based firm that insures the gross margin of the entire farm rather than each individual crop, Sinclair has overseen impressive growth of the business since its inception in 2011.

At this key crossroads, Sinclair realized he needed a fresh set of eyes to help the company find new efficiencies in its workflow — the processes and tools used in the step-by-step execution of the business — if it was going to do five times more business without any additional burden on staff and overhead costs.

Rather than bringing in outside consultants unfamiliar with the business, Sinclair discovered that the answers lie within the new owner of the firm’s own IT partner, Agri-Data Solution, which was recently acquired by publicly traded Trimble Inc.

“The network is huge now and we see that as a big benefit,” says Sinclair. “The team just got bigger and better. We might talk to two people, but then they reach out to 20 experts who can help with our specific issues. As a result we get awesome results in a short period of time.”

Sinclair is just one of many Trimble clients taking advantage of the expanded suite of products and services this global industry leader has to offer. Word about these new opportunities has been spreading since the November 7, 2016 launch of Trimble Ag Software, a new farm data tool that combines three popular ag software platforms into one simple yet powerful solution. Farmers, crop advisors, ag retailers and food processors are using Trimble Ag Software to leverage farm data into better decisions that drive profitability.

Under the new banner Trimble Ag Business Solutions, this division also offers agronomic coaching and technical support to farmers, advisors and retailers alike through Trimble’s Vantage dealer network.

And as customers are discovering, the merger isn’t just improving their software and IT operations, it also puts Trimble’s expanded suite of products and services at their disposal.

Sinclair says the Trimble Delivers team was “an external set of eyes” who knew the company and its business, but came in with a new approach. “By answering the questions they posed, it opened our minds about how things could be done differently,” Sinclair explains. “This is especially important as we expand into the U.S. and eventually Europe. Our partners need to be global experts growing along with us.”

Trimble Delivers is a division of Trimble that performs workflow audits and provides value stream mapping tools that identify procedural overlap and inefficiencies. Then, the team advises on new ways to tighten workflow and optimize resources to meet performance targets while enabling these teams to perform these exercises on their own.

Matt Denninger, head of the Trimble customer engagement team overseeing the GARS account, says bringing in Trimble Delivers just made sense.

“The client’s biggest problem was increased demand and the internal processes needed to handle it,” he says. “They knew they needed to do something but weren’t sure enough where to start. When our team heard that, we knew we could use Trimble Delivers to help them streamline the process with existing resources without increasing capital costs.”

Denninger’s customer engagement team is responsible for ensuring that the product and/or services a client signed up for is delivering value. But that is only half of it, says Denninger. “Our team will be looking at what other pain points the client may have, and then identifying ways we can help them be successful,” he explains. “One of our biggest goals is to help clients successfully manage change. The key here is bringing in experts with the knowledge on how to strip away the mystery and provide clients with the confidence to take that step and implement those solutions, knowing Trimble is standing shoulder-to-shoulder to provide support.”


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