Your hardware isn’t talking to your software, the data from your yield monitor is lost in the clouds and reams of valuable farm data guaranteed to help with decision-making and save money are just adding to your stress.

You’re not alone – on-farm technology integration is baffling many growers. That’s why we polled the experts to come up with…

4 Ways to Beat the Farm Tech Blues and Uncover ROI You Didn’t Know You Had

A not-so-very long time ago, Apple diehards lived in a bit of a bubble. Their Macs couldn’t read Windows documents and friends and colleagues were constantly asking them to re-send files in a format they could open. It was a drag, but evidently one of those hardships Apple loyalists were willing to put up with.

For a time. Now, there’s Windows for Macs, iTunes works on any computer…and the list goes on. Clearly – in the world of consumer electronics, at least – most of the technology integration headaches are over.

In ag tech, we’re just not there yet.

“There are so many examples where standardization wins out, it naturally happens,” says Dennis Buckmaster, professor of agriculture and biological engineering at Purdue University. “That’s what should be happening with ag data, we’re just not there yet. We’re early in the ag data space – this is just a hiccup.”

Technological standardization in ag tech would create more seamless integration, he says, as well as contribute to more rapid evolution and refinement of the software tools growers are using on their farms every day.

While advances in ag tech integration are underway, the pace is too slow for some growers who spent money to join the precision management parade, but could not deal with the IT headaches. “Sometimes you are up to your neck in data and software and compatibility when you forget you’re growing food to feed the world,” quips Buckmaster.

All too often, either growers can’t make the system work, or the resulting data isn’t meaningful enough to help them make cost-saving decisions. So they decide precision ag isn’t for them and shelve it. And in the end – because precision management is good for productivity, the bottom line and the planet – everyone loses out.

To help growers overcome common challenges with technology integration and discover the powerful ROI they keep hearing about, we’ve come up with four key strategies…

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