During the growing season, farmers are rightly focused on dialing in the agronomic strategies that are going to produce the highest yields possible. Variable rate management, pest control, and well-timed crop treatments must be executed with precision in order to maximize productivity.

In the winter months, precise decision-making is no less vital — and the right grain marketing advice plays a key role in helping farmers sell the crop they worked so hard to grow, at the best possible price.

This is why we’re excited to unveil a new service to farmers: Trimble Grain Marketing, Powered by AGRI-TREND.

Smart grain marketing starts with setting the right goals, which begins even before planting. Many farmers today won’t put seed in the ground until they have a good handle on what to expect in terms of future pricing of that crop.

This is where Market Insights comes into play. This new grain marketing newsletter is aimed at helping farmers access quick, easy-to-digest, reasonably priced and up-to-date analysis on grain prices and grain market trends.  


Trimble Grain Marketing Newsletter: Market Insights


  • 4X DAY: Futures Prices — Updates of futures prices as a text or e-mail.
  • 2X per DAY: AM/PM Call — An early morning market comment and market closing summary remarks each day in verbal and written format that is sent straight to your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • 2X per WEEK: Weather — Twice weekly overview of major North American near-term and long-range weather during the growing season.
  • WEEKLY: Technical Analysis — An in-depth technical analysis report of the major futures traded commodities.
  • WEEKLY: Local Cash Prices — Summary of major commodity futures market changes, as well as basis and cash prices and changes, from four locations across Western Canada each week.
  • MONTHLY: Grain Reports Summarizer — A summary and analysis of major U.S. and Canadian grain-related reports throughout the year.
  • ANNUALLY: Grain Management Software as a part of Trimble Ag Software Licence
  • BI-ANNUALLY: Cost of production  analysis and pricing indications including crop power rankings
  • 4X per YEAR: Free subscription to the AgAdvance Journal

* Annual subscription: $495, beginning January 1, 2018.

Key Competitive Advantages

  • Trimble’s grain markets analysis is localized. While grain brokers across Canada and the U.S. provide pricing updates and grain market summaries to customers with accounts, these tend to be high level and, as a result, not very helpful when farmers need to make quick selling decisions. Trimble’s offering will include local pricing and only cover market trends for crops common to the farmer/customer’s region.
  • Newsletters sent out to subscribers will include audio reports.
  • Overall goal is to highlight the importance of grain marketing, and help driver farm profitability.

For more information or to sign up today, please contact Lawrence Klusa at

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