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Congratulations to our Trimble Photo and Video Contest Winners!

We are excited to announce the winners of our 2019 global photo and video contest! The contest welcomed farmers, Trimble resellers, and Trimble employees to submit photos and videos that celebrate the essence of agriculture, the passion of farmers, and the exciting innovations that are driving this industry forward. The contest received over 300 submissions […]

Are Your Investments Paying Off? Why Proven ROI is Your Key to Success

When you make a purchase or change to your operation, you want to know it’s going to pay off. The best way to determine this is through return on investment (ROI): how much the value of the investment outweighs the cost of it. Calculating ROI is simple: take the net profit of your investment (the […]

How Precision Ag Tools can Reduce Inefficiencies on your Farm

By Zach Gettman No farmer wants to be inefficient in their operation. But if you’re not evaluating whether all aspects of your operation are optimized, then there are likely some areas where you could improve. Small improvements in efficiency add up over time, resulting in higher productivity, better yields, and stronger bottom lines. While there […]

Why Reliability = Profitability in Farming Today

By Michael Bruno If you’ve ever been ready to get to work in your fields, only to find your equipment wasn’t working, then you know the importance of reliability. There are many time-critical tasks in farming — you have to be ready to go when the time is right, whether that’s getting your crops planted […]

Trimble Launches Photo and Video Contest to Celebrate Successful Farmers Around the World

For today’s most successful farmers, it’s not about working harder. The secret lies in discovering new ways to make your overall farm operations more intelligent…and it’s happening on farms around the world every day. Trimble wants to honor these efforts and celebrate empowered farmers everywhere who are embracing precision ag innovations in exciting new ways […]

Ag Innovation Leaders Explore New Ways to Expand Digital Frontiers of Smart Farming 

Top global ag leaders and innovators will gather in London this month to uncover new ways of leveraging technology to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the food system today. The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, which takes place in London October 15-16, is expected to draw over 500 global agribusiness leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, […]

Soil Sampling Secrets: How to Get in the Zone

The proliferation of precision ag practices is pushing more and more growers to begin soil testing – and those who already are, to ramp up their efforts. A common question they encounter: Which is better, grid sampling or zone? There are pros and cons to each, which we’ve outlined below. In the end, a soil […]

Simple Ways to Leverage Cost-of-Production Data to Drive Farm Profits

Farming, more than many other industries or career paths, can engender strong emotional ties — to the land, to a family legacy, to a strong work ethic, and to an experience of community. This sense of mission or purpose is what draws many people into the agriculture industry. And for those born into it, farming […]

Leverage the USDA’s Market Facilitation Program to Drive Farm Profits

Farming is challenging. Maintaining a healthy bottom line is no small feat, especially while planning for a crop, securing inputs at a good price, and juggling field work around unpredictable weather. That’s why today’s most successful farmers are multi-talented entrepreneurs who have learned the value of being prepared and acting quickly to leverage in-season opportunities; thus, maximizing productivity and profitability.

Harness the Power of Satellite Imagery This Crop Season

Wouldn’t it be great if farmers could have an ‘eye in the sky’ that would monitor the health of their crops throughout the growing season? If everything looks good, they can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that their chance of hitting the year’s yield goals is promising. If problems are revealed, they have […]