: Flow and Application Control

How Precision Ag Pumps Up Profits

One of the most frequently asked questions farmers have about precision ag is: Will it pay off? Most farmers find the answer to be yes. Whether it’s by streamlining workflows, reducing over-application of farm inputs or leveraging quality farm data to make better decisions, precision ag increases both productivity and profitability.  Here are four common […]

What Is Precision Ag?

Precision agriculture (PA) can be an intimidating topic. High-tech terms like drones, robots, sensors, geo-mapping and big data come up when discussing precision ag. Not only are those concepts misunderstood and complex, but they all come with price tags— and often large ones. All of this complexity and expense have led to the relatively slow […]

Smart Spot Spray System Saves Money and Reduces Over-Application

  A next-gen spot spray system by Trimble is generating some buzz among farmers, who stand to cut their chemical costs by up to 90% with the new WeedSeeker 2. “It uses an automatic spot spraying system and active light crop sensors to detect and deliver a precise amount of chemical — only to weeds […]

Four Reasons to Track Herbicide Use on your Farm

During the busy crop season farmers are juggling many tasks, including scouting and applying pesticide to emerging crops. Half the battle is keeping track of all the information about what’s being applied where, and at what cost; the other half is managing the logistics. Factor in equipment readiness, weather conditions and labour…and things really get […]

Plug and Play with ISOBUS: What it is and how it can Help Your Operation

If you’ve invested in or researched precision technology, you’ve likely heard of ISOBUS. But what is it? Also referred to as ISO, it is the industry-standard communication protocol for ag equipment manufacturers that allows computers, vehicles and implements — regardless of their brand — to “talk” to each other. It’s what makes “plug and play” possible […]

Next Step in ISOBUS: Tractor Implement Management

If you’re in the market for a new tractor, especially if hay is part of your operation, you may have heard about Tractor Implement Management (TIM), also known as ISOBUS Class 3. As we discussed in the last blog post on ISOBUS, Task Controller communicates between the tractor and implement so the implement knows when […]

Working with ISOBUS: Task Controller

If you’re investing in ISOBUS, it’s likely because you want to use it for precision applications, such as variable-rate seeding or automatic section control. In order to utilize these functions, you’ll need an ISO Task Controller. As briefly discussed in our first post on ISOBUS,  Task Controller (TC) is the software that automates commands for […]

How to Use Reference Strips for Better Nitrogen Management

How much money could you be saving per acre by using reference strips? How much money are you wasting today? A simple change in your farming practices could make a major impact on your bottom line, and those farming practices all come down to better nitrogen management.

Two Important Reasons to Listen to Your Seed Monitoring System

Seed monitoring solutions have long been used by farmers in varying degrees of complexity. From the most basic of factory-installed seed monitoring technology to solutions that inform a farmer’s data management software—there are an array of systems on the market to help plant smarter.