And the leader of the Canola 100™ Agri-Prize™ with 81.43 bu/ac is… Mike Nelson of Wetaskiwin!

John Deere, Agri-Trend and Glacier Farm Media are gearing up for the second year of the Canola 100 Agri-Prize competition, and the excitement continues to build.

The Agri-Prize is an agricultural competition series inspired by Peter Diamandis of the X-Prize Foundation. I have attended Peter’s annual Abundance 360 Event, where he says, “The X-Prize is such a great way to incent innovation.” I thought, why couldn’t we have one for agriculture? So we created the Agri-Prize, with the first competition being the Canola 100.

The competition is open to all Canadian farmers with the goal of producing 100 bu/ac of spring seeded, dryland canola on 50 continuous acres.

The first farmer to have a verified yield of over 100 bushels per acre wins a the use of a fleet of brand new John Deere equipment, including four-wheel drive tractor, air seeder, high clearance sprayer, swather and combine.

Glacier Farm Media was first to back the idea, and when John Deere came to the table with the prize, I knew The Canola 100 was going to be a success!

If someone does not break the 100 bushel mark, then the top yield recorded by the end of 2018 will walk away with the prize.

This year’s top yield was verified on Mike and Matt Nelson’s farm near Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Their Invigor L241C came in at 81.43 bu/ac (after dockage at 9% moisture).

Competitors who want to record their yield participate in a harvest verification program administered by Ag Call. This past year, a total of 16 farm competitors (out of the total entries) threw their hats in the ring for verification. All 16 had yields in excess of the 2025 Canola Council of Canada target of 52 bushels per acre.

We want Agri-Prize to be fun for the competitors, so we have created a couple events to pull them together. First, we have a gathering at the Ag In Motion Show in July, and then we invited them to our Farm Forum Event, where we unveiled the results and shared some of the agronomic findings with those who participated.

Of the varieties grown in 2016, 27.8% were RR with the favorite variety being 45H33 and 72.2% being LL with Invigor L252 being the favorite. The winning variety was the L241C, which Mike and Matt are planning on using again this year.

Registrations for the 2017 competition are now open.

A farmer can register up to two fields with the cost being $100 each.

All rules can be accessed at