The founder of Agri-Trend, a division of Trimble Ag that provides agricultural consulting services to farmers, was one of 15 people from around the world invited to Seattle in early May to discuss technology with Bill Gates.

Rob Saik was tapped by Gates to share his views on how modern farming technology can be leveraged to feed a growing population in an environmentally sustainable way. With Gates and his advisors, Saik shared case studies and success stories from his experience working with growers from Saskatchewan, Canada to Uganda.

Here are some of the video clips detailing the event, where he discusses the purpose of his talk, the experience of being in a room with Bill Gates, and the challenge of feeding a population expected to tip 9 billion by 2020.

In this story, published in the Red Deer Advocate, Saik offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it felt like being in Gates’ Intellectual Ventures Lab with the likes of Lowell Wood, a U.S. astrophysicist and all-time leading inventor, who surpassed Thomas Edison in 2015, along with other participants considered among the world’s brightest minds in technology.

Agri-Trend’s network of Agri-Coaches work with farmers to help them combine superior agronomy with cutting-edge technology to boost yields and drive profitability.

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